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Hey You!

Hi! My name is Tyvette and I'm the Owner of Tyvee B Creations. Welcome to this site! Welcome to this blog!! Welcome, welcome, welcome!! I've been wanting to do this for a while and the time is finally here!! There are so many things to talk about in relation to jewelry! We'll be talking fashion, creativity, business, fun--just to name a few things! Embark upon this blogging journey with me!! I'll keep it interesting...I promise! ~Tyvee B #tyveebcreations #tyveebjewelry

Happy Anniversary and Welcome to Facebook Live!!

I sat and I pondered and thought to myself, "What could I do to celebrate 8 years (this past May) in business?" This year is so significant to me because, more than the number 8 meaning, "a new beginning", I was actually living it as a reality in my business. You see, earlier this year, I was looking to close the doors on "Tyvee B Creations" and just chill out for a while or maybe start fresh with something else. Of course, if you're a "creative" and you're reading this, yo

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