I Took Time

The death of George Floyd set fire to a movement that will forever change the way we look at a lot of things-not because this is the first time injustice has happened, but I’m a firm believer of timing-meaning that it just has it’s own way of impacting us to where for many of us, we have to pause and recalibrate.


This was me. I hadn’t realized that I had been off-centered for a while now. And while I was solid as a black woman, on my stance with the BLM movement, this movement and the timing of it, caused other thoughts, fears, experiences, etc. to surface. Some, I had buried because I felt like what was done was done and that I didn’t need to address anything concerning it ever again. Others, were fresh-like a recent breast cancer diagnosis- and my son currently waiting on the transplant list for a new liver- and I wasn’t sure exactly how to navigate through the “purpose” of it. Because, there’s definitely a purpose in all of this.

This caused me to pause...everything. I felt stuck. It was as if my entire being had went into shock and there was nothing I could do about it except...pause.

So, I posted my “Blackout Tuesday” square and then I sat...

I sat...

I read...

I watched...

I thought...

I shared and engaged a little.

But, I didn’t post. I didn’t post because I was still stuck. I was trying to figure out....IDK what!

But then, a still small voice...

“Don’t waste your plight.”

SHEESH! And just like that, it hit me! What good does it do for me to suffer or triumph in silence? I mean, this may not suit everyone, but for me, it literally set me free. My VOICE is my VICTORY! My VOICE is my WARFARE! My VOICE is my HEALING! And it goes on!

And then everything connected—JUST LIKE THAT!

My lifetime experiences silenced me, and over time, I developed the ability to speak from a safe distance-enough for you to know, but not know. And I thought I was okay. I thought I was good. I can manage life this way and be alright....right? Right???


Listen, all I know is that from here on out, I’m using my VOICE, my God-given VOICE! How? I don’t know-but I’m jumping out into the deep with both hands and feet heard me..... my VOICE!

I’m not wasting this plight! I’ve wasted many others by being afraid or traumatized into not speaking, sharing, advocating, you name it!

But today, that changes. What this entails, I don’t fully know or understand but, I’m willing and ready. My LIFE AND HEALTH and that of those attached to me depend on it! A friend said to me just recently, that this is just a “snapshot” in the full process of my life. The process is never ending. The progress continues on!

Takeaway: Don’t waste your plight, Fam!

SN: Maybe your greatest hinderance is attached to your greatest purpose, your life, your healing, your stability, your....ok, you got it!

What’s your plight? How are you dealing? What are your fears? Do you think they’re connected?

Hit me up!

~Tyvee B

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