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Since developing neuropathy in my hands and feet from chemotherapy treatments last year, I had to stop making jewelry. I was a bit perplexed because 2020 was the first year where my first quarter for jewelry classes were fully booked and my 2nd and 3rd quarter were well underway to be the same. I had finally found my “sweet spot” where my talent to make jewelry and passion to teach had collided.

I’ve recently decided that since the neuropathy had subsided some, to start getting back into the groove by practicing with small and easier tasks.

As I’m writing this- the thought just entered my mind that now I have another audience I can serve. So not only has my customer demographic potentially increased, but so has my awareness and compassion. I say this to say, never give up. Your setbacks are small in comparison to where you’re headed and your setbacks are necessary in many ways as well. So keep going.

Practicing little by little keeps me moving my fingers and joints and my prayer is that eventually I will have no more neuropathy.

Don’t give up because of a set back. Take a break if you need to and then get back in it! You got this. I hope this inspires you to own your greatness! #YouAreTheDefiningFactor #IAmTheDefiningFactor #definingfactorjewelrymakingacademy #tyveebcreations

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