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No More Handmade Jewelry ?

So, if you've looked around on the site lately, you'd find that there are no longer any listings of my handmade jewelry; except for the button earrings. I know, I know, it's been a minute since I've said anything about Tyvee B Creations! Tyvee B's Button Bar has been doing well and so has Tyvee B Journals; but why get rid of what you started out with when that's been your main squeeze from the jump? I'm so glad you asked-lol!

As they say in the church, " I won't be before you long", so I'm gonna get right to it. First, Tyvee B Creations' handmade jewelry isn't going completely away. We're just not selling it the same way as we did before. We are now offering personal commissions. Due to some major life changes behind the scenes, this is the best way for us to still offer this quality service without leaving all of our loyal customers and clients hanging because we love y'all!

How Do Personal Commissions Work?

Well first, let's establish why you would possibly want custom jewelry made. It could be for a special occasion such as a graduation or birthday gift; or it could be matching jewelry for you and your bridesmaids. Or it could be a special matching set that only you and your bestie has; or something just by you for you! The options are endless! And how would you go about getting your very own custom jewelry made by Tyvee B Creations? It's simple! On our home page, just scroll down to the "Contact" section and send us quick message with your ideas for new custom jewelry! We will then contact you promptly with more detailed questions concerning your request (i.e. time frame, budget, quantity, etc.). Once we're settled on the specifics of the process and you're satisfied, we then move forward! And just like that, we're on our way to making you that fabulous jewelry you've asked for!

We're Not New To This, We're True To This!

Because we have a long history of making custom jewelry satisfactorily for our clients, this process is not foreign to us! From custom jewelry for wedding parties to the sweetest tiny baby bangle to show off at the shower; we've worked hard to create a good reputation amongst our community surrounding the quality of our business! We invite you to inquire of us when you're ready to have that very special and unique jewelry made to your desire!

Follow us on Facebook: Tyvee B Creations and Instagram: Tyvee B Creations! We'd love to hear from you! AND MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO TYVEEB.COM!! WE LOVE OUR SQUAD!!

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